SKILLBIKE Technogym from Technogym on Vimeo.


Time for a new challenge...

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Will you make it to that last hill? Can you push yourself above and beyond your last competitor, and take the challenge further? It’s hard if it doesn’t feel like the real thing. If you don’t shift a real gear on a real road, riding across real routes along with real companions. It’s time to unleash your athletic potential. It’s time to shift to real riding.


Face the deadliest climbs with the most natural ally of any cyclist. By shifting gears, riders can counter the change in resistance and maintain the correct power and cadence for maximum efficiency. The console displays the gear and gear ratio selections in real time.

Enjoy the same feeling as outdoor cycling with SKILLBIKE’s RIDING DESIGN which reproduces the biomechanics of outdoor bicycles. The frame and handlebar are designed to accommodate different riding positions and postures: road, time trial and mountain bike.

When you ride outdoors, weight and pedalling style matter. The patented ROAD EFFECT SYSTEM enables SKILLBIKE to react based on these and other parameters, delivering the most realistic and personal feeling.

Thanks to its PEDAL PRINTING™ technology, SKILLBIKE™ gives you continuous visual feedback on the circularity and symmetry of your pedalling stroke at the different gear ratios to improve your efficiency. With each pedal revolution the torque symmetry between right and left legs is analysed and reported in real time.