IL Christmas Opening Times 2018-19

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Challenge yourself to something new

CrossFit is a strength and condition programme, conducted in a group setting, but with the ability to be tailored to the exact skill, ability and fitness level of the individual. It encourages you to develop and broaden your skill set, including weightlifting and gymnastic elements, focusing on technique and always chasing intensity.

At Greenock CrossFit, every time you step foot through the door you will receive personalised teaching, training and feedback from our coaches about your performance and your technique.


The foundations class is an in-depth induction and a prerequisite for new members of CrossFit. Our motivational and fantastic instructors will help you build and gain knowledge about CrossFit which will then enable you to partake in the Work Out of the Day and the other classes.

Our Foundations Class can be completed in one full day or alternative with three 2 hour workshops midweek.

Work Out of the Day

Our Work Out of the Day is a variable structured group class that is programmed at different time slots during the day.

One to One

With one of our qualified CrossFit instructors you can reach your goals faster through an individualised tailor made sessions which are specially designed for you. A typical one to one session usually lasts an hour. Also, you can book a one to one session to cover the foundations class If you are looking to join in the work out of the day and other classes.

Lifting Technique

Are you looking to perfect your lifting technique or maybe want to learn some more? Look no further as we have recruited a specialised and experienced athlete to help coach you in Olympic and powerlifting techniques.

Mobility Class

We are pleased to offer a flexibility and conditioning class led by one of our qualified Pilates instructors which aims to improve your core strength and also help increase your flexibility range.

Sound interesting or want to know more?

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