Community Facilities & Outdoor Leisure

Inverclyde Leisure has a number of Public Halls and Community Centres, which offer individual halls and rooms for small functions and classes. For wedding receptions and major events such as concerts, fund raising events and gala evenings, the building can be hired at a reduced cost for the evening.

The public halls are also approved venues for Marriage Ceremonies, Naming Ceremonies, Renewal of Marriage Vows Ceremonies and Civil Partnership Ceremonies.

Celebrate your wedding day in elegance and style at one of Inverclyde Leisure’s 3 Public Halls.
Greenock Town Hall
Situated in the heart of Greenock, this elegant facility was built in the middle of the 19th Century and displays many fine period details.
Recently refurbished to a high standard it represents excellent value for money whilst offering endless possibilities to make your day special, regardless of budget. To visit the facility call 01475 712160.                    

Port Glasgow Town Hall
Situated in the centre of Port Glasgow, this facility offers excellent value for money.
Recent refurbishment has enhanced the facility and we can accommodate the larger wedding. To visit the facility call 01475 741305.

Gamble Halls
Situated close to Gourock, this facility was also constructed in the mid 19th Century. Smaller than either Greenock or Port Glasgow, this venue offers the opportunity to have a smaller, more intimate wedding. To visit the facility call 01475 633248.

Booking Office

To make a booking of any Community Facility, Public Hall, School Lets or Parks and Pitches please contact the Booking Office on 01475 715559 or You can also make a booking in person at the Booking Office, Greenock Sports Centre, Nelson Street, Greenock.

PARK PLAYABILITY for W/E 1st March 2015

Day              Date                  Location                      Play               Status   Condition                       

Friday        27/2/2015           Broomhill                   3G                  Green
Friday        27.2/2015           Gourock                     3G                  Green
Friday        27/2/2015           Gourock                     Grass            Amber  Wet, check with staff 
Friday        27/2/2015           Parklea                      Grass            Amber   Wet, check with staff 
Friday        27/2/2015           Parklea                      3G                  Green
Friday        27/2/2015           Birkmre                      Multi              Green
Friday        27/2/2015           Birkmyre                     Rugby 1       Red       Unplayable
Friday        27/2/2015           Birkmyre                     Rugby 2       Red       Unplayable
Friday        27/2/2015           Ravenscraig                                    Green 
Friday        27/2/2015              Battery                        Rugby           Amber  Wet        
Friday        27/2/2015           Battery                        1                    Amb                                                     Friday        27/2/2015           Battery                        2                    Amber  Wet   
Friday        27/2/2015          Battery                         3                    Am                                                      Friday        27/2/2015          RavenscraigTrack                           Green           

Saturday    28/2/2015         Broomhill                    3G                  Greeno 
Saturday    28/2/2015         Gourock                      3G                  Green
Saturday    28/2/2015         Gourock                      Grass            Amber  Wet, check with staff
Saturday    28/2/2015         Parklea                       Grass            Amber   
Saturday    28/2/2015         Parklea                       3G                  Green
Saturday    28/2
/2015         Birkmyre                      Multi             Green
Saturday    28/2/2015         Birkmyre                     Rugby 1        Red       Uplayable
Saturday    28/2/2015         Birkmyre                     Rugby 2        Red       Unplayable 
Saturday    28/2/2015         Ravenscraig                                      Green 
Saturday    28/2/2015         Battery                         Rugby           Amber  Wet           
Saturday    28/2/2015         Battery                         1                    Amber                                                      Saturday    28/2/2015         Battery                         2                    Amber     
Saturday    28/2/2015         Battery                         3                    Amber         
                        Saturday    28/2/2015         Ravencraig Track                            Green     

Sunday       01/3/2015         Broomhill                    3G                  Green
Sunday       01/3/2015         Gourock                      3G                  Green
Sunday       01/3/2015         Gourock                      Grass            Amber  Wet, check with staff 
Sunday       01/3/2015         Parklea                       Grass            Amber  Wet, check with staff   
Sunday       01/3/2015         Parklea                       3G                  Green
Sunday       01/3/2015         Birkmyre                       Multi            Green
Sunday       01/3/2015         Birkmyre                     Rugby 1        Red       Unplayable 
Sunday       01/3/2015         Birkmyre                     Rugby 2        Red       Unplayable 
Sunday       01/3/2015         Ravenscraig                                     Green 
Sunday       01/3/2015         Battery                         Rugby           Amber  Soft/Wet          
Sunday       01/3/2015         Battery                         1                    Amber  Soft/Wet
Sunday       01/3/2015         Battery                         2                    Amber  Soft/Wet   
Sunday       01/3/2015         Battery                          3                   Amber  Soft/Wet        
Sunday        01/3/2015        Ravenscraig Track                         Green      

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